Printing machines are the basis of strength and capabilities of printing company – so it is with us. That’s why we focused on the Heidelberg brand: We use 7-color Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 (in UV printing technology), 5-color Speedmaster XL 105, and two Speedmaster CD 74. These machines are equipped with special units for coating with dispersion, UV, as well as hybrid varnishes. We have the latest measurement and control systems: : Axis Control, Image Control together with Prinect Inpress Control 2.


The shape and form of packaging is often the key to the success of a given product. That is why we help our clients to develop and test specific solutions using mock-ups, models and trials before placing an order.

Modern die cuts from Bobst and MK Heidelberg allow for precise cutting even thin weights, embossing elements in one die cutting pass and cleaning with separation of the sheet directly on the machine.


Refined packaging is a great marketing strategy that supports sales through its elegance as well as protection against unauthorized counterfeiting. In addition to UV and dispersion varnishes, matt and high gloss, we use a full set of colors of hotstamping foils. Using the above range of finishing ensure our products a luxurious look.


Precision in label cutting is a prerequisite for being in this industry. The modern cutters and the Polar label die-cutters ensure excellent quality. However, in the process of folding and gluing the packages, we trusted the Swiss company Bobst, whose devices allow to finish even the most complex packaging at a rapid pace with maintaining a stable product quality.


A good way to finish and protect the box surface is laminating with foils all over the surface, both from the outside and inside. A large percentage of our packaging is made of cardboard with foil windows, which significantly increase their attractiveness, what allows to view the content without necessity of opening the box. We have the ability to automatically paste windows of any shape, also corner windows.